We're proud of our history

Best St. Dental was established in 1982 by Dr Gordon Saggers Snr, a returned dental officer who served in WWII. He expanded to Wagga Wagga from Lockhart in 1957 and was joined by his son, also Dr Gordon Saggers, following his graduation in 1971. In 2015 Dr Gordon Saggers retired after providing wonderful care and quality dentistry to his patients for 44 years. He was in partnership with Dr Mark Wotherspoon, who joined the practice in 2000 and has now moved on from Best St into different areas of dentistry.

Current principals of the practice are Dr Helen Powis, who joined the practice in 2013 and Dr Rosemary Morgan, who joined the practice in 2015. They have been in Wagga Wagga for 12 and 20 years respectively and have worked together for 8 of these years. They look forward to a very successful partnership, as they continue to build on the excellent reputation of Best St Dental.

Helen and Rosemary will to continue to grow the practice, allowing more availability of appointments, whilst maintaining the high standard of professional and quality care established over many years.