Digital Smile Design - Custom design your optimal smile

What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design or ‘DSD’ is a process of digital photography, dynamic video recording and computer software analysis that enables Best St Dental to digitally design your optimal smile, taking into account your lips, cheeks and whole face so that your smile is in harmony.

This plan of the proposed restorative result is then tested with the patient using a direct ‘mock up’ in the mouth – that is simply placed over their natural teeth for the patient to see and trial – without any tooth preparation whatsoever.

What is the process?

The Digital Smile Design process begins with a thorough examination of your:

  • Facial Aesthetics
  • Facial Symmetry
  • Dental and Facial Midline Positions
  • The relation of the dental aesthetics to the facial aesthetics
  • The soft tissue (gum) harmony and symmetry
  • Phonetic considerations

A series of photographic images are taken, as well as impressions of the upper and lower teeth.  A video of your lips in motion during various emotional expressions – as well as in a natural smile – which is generally a lot ‘broader’ than a posed smile is also recorded.

These are then married together and your ideal smile is designed.

This design is then printed out as a model and you can trial your new smile to see if you like it. 

Your smile is made up of more than your teeth. It is the interplay of your teeth with your lips, eyes, shape of face and it all needs to be in harmony to give you the best smile that you can achieve.

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