Specialist Orthodontics

Our Specialist Orthodontist, Dr Charles Daniels, creates beautiful smiles for children, teenagers and adults

Whilst traditional braces still offer the best value for money, many patients are now choosing more discrete appliances, such as clear braces, invisible braces, Invisalign and Suresmile precision braces.

No need for a referral, you can book straight in for a consultation.

Orthodontic dentistry is designed to correct the position of teeth, for both cosmetic and functional purposes.

Once treatment has been completed, as well as having a great smile and increased self confidence, you will find that chewing is improved and that you are able to clean your teeth more easily.

Dr Charles Daniels also has a specialist practice in Sydney and for those patients away at boarding school, there is always the option to be seen during term time.

Best St Dental is able to offer braces for all age groups, from children right through to adults. Complex care, involving working with other dentists, in the practice to repair or replace missing teeth once orthodontic treatment has been completed, is also available.

Call us today for more information about orthodontics or to make an appointment.

Orthodontics can help with:

  • Improved chewing
  • Easier cleaning
  • Great smile
  • Increased confidence

Braces are available for all age groups, from children right through to adults.


Traditional braces


Clear braces


Invisalign braces


Suresmile lingual braces