Bad Breath

Worrying about having bad breath is a common social anxiety. Bad breath can be caused by poor oral health or by some medical conditions, so knowing when you have it and what to do about it are really important. In some cases fear of bad breath can lead to social isolation.

Social anxiety, poor oral hygiene and tongue coating were associated with subjective halitosis... In some cases, comprehensive treatment of halitosis may require a multidisciplinary approach including dental, psychology and counselling professionals.

Being aware of possible causes of bad breath and what you can do about them contributes to general and mental well-being. Taking advice from a healthcare professional who is knowledgeable and passionate about what they do will ensure you can be confident whether you’re socialising with friends, spending time with family or going for that important interview.

“Hence, maintenance of good oral health along with the use of appropriate tongue cleaning methods is of critical importance in reducing oral malodour.”

These next five tips might just change your life!

  1. Dry mouth or lack of saliva flow can lead to bad breath. This is a very common cause, so ensuring you drink plenty of water helps to alleviate this problem.

  2. Bacteria - Food debris stuck on and in between the teeth can begin to rot and result in bad breath. Effective regular brushing and cleaning in between the teeth can remove these possible causes. Tongue cleaning can also assist in some cases

  3. Diet - What you eat can directly impact your breath. Foods such as onions and garlic are well known to cause bad breath and in these cases you simply need to wait it out until the chemicals causing the odour have left the bloodstream. Ensuring you eat regularly is important as well, missing meals can result in bad breath.

  4. Medical conditions such as sinus infections, acid reflux and chest infections can result in bad breath. Serious medical conditions such as diabetes can also lead to bad breath

  5. Smoking and alcohol are well known for causing bad breath, not only at the time but also the next day as the chemicals are eliminated from the body

If you want to know more information or are worried you may be suffering from bad breath, then your dentist is the best place to provide advice and support. Contact us today to make an appointment.

Listen to Dr Amanda and Dr Rosie talk about bad breath

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