Is it a struggle to get your children to brush their teeth? (Oral Health Tip)


Here are five tips to make brushing fun

  1. Make brushing a game: You can invent and change the rules or create characters and a storyline. As long as your child becomes interested, they’ll more passively accept the clean.
  2. Lead by example: Brush your teeth first to show that everyone does it and it’s a part of life. This will help you remember to be diligent about your own oral care!
  3. Look for fun products that might help: Funny toothbrush holders, ‘singing’ tooth brushes, toothpaste with their favourite TV character on it. Let your child choose their own tools! Just make sure it’s a soft toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste.
  4. Play a song during brushing: This will help keep to time (2 minutes) and be a fun distraction. Search YouTube, The APP Store or Google Play for great tooth brushing songs and apps.
  5. Create a brushing chart: Sign off your child’s success both morning and night, and create a (non-food related) reward system.

Source: Australian Dental Association

Cristy Houghton