Welcome back to pilates

Recently, I returned to a pilates class that I had not been to for a while.

Why had I stopped? Was I tired of it?

I’d got to a point where my body felt good, so maybe I didn’t need it so much anymore? Nothing hurt, so was it worth it? I could save some money by not participating.

In the back of my mind I knew that I should, and that in the long term, I would pay the price.

I started to feel a bit bulgy around the middle and I realised that I missed seeing my instructor who I knew cared about my wellbeing. Also, I missed seeing the regular class members. I felt I should get on top of things before they got out of hand. I’m getting older things could get away from me.

I committed to make a change. I booked myself in.

My instructor noticed my booking and said they were looking forward to seeing me; that felt good and I felt more committed to go back.

As I walked through the door, I knew it wouldn’t be my best class and I felt a little bashful.

“Helloooooo! “Welcome back!” We picked up like old friends, no guilt, just a genuine welcome.

I started to think about all the patients I care for and those I haven’t met yet.

So many patients worry that we are going to ‘tell them off’ when they come in after a ‘break’ from dentistry.  Life gets in the way of good intentions, we know that. So, you had other things on, but now you are here.

To us that is the most important thing. You’re here now. We can’t undo the past, we can just make a plan for the future.

At Best St Dental we won’t judge you if you’ve had a holiday from dentistry or if you’ve never really been a regular. Making a positive change for your health is what’s important to you and to us. We’re just pleased to see you and move forward from here.

Dr Rosie

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